Tool shop


Bulltek’s tool shop is designed to improve the efficiency of company production by offering services such as machinery preventive maintenance, equipment repair and new tooling manufacturing. The department is fully equipped to perform maintenance on machines and tools on a periodical basis to avoid machinery breakdown and machinery inefficiencies.

The expertise of the tool shop team as well as the Bulltek’s precision equipment enable the company to provide solutions for the creation of punching tools as well as thermoset and thermoplastic injection molding tools. Bulltek has initiated a preventive maintenance plan on company’s machinery to eliminate machinery downtime which ultimately affect production efficiency.

The tool shop expands on an area of 340 m²

CNC milling

Our machinery park designed for the exclusive use of the Tool shop includes Nr. 5 CNC milling machines two of which are designed with 3 axis and 2 tables, the remaining three CNC milling machines are designed with 4 axis and 2 tables.

Erosion machines

Our machinery park includes Nr. 3 Sinker Electrical discharge machines (EDM) and Nr. 2 Wire Electrical discharge machines (WEDM).

Grinding machines

Our machinery park includes Nr. 4 Grinding machines.

Bulltek's quality management system

The purpose of our quality management system is to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership between Bulltek and its customers. Ultimately, company’s aim is to help its customers grow their business by supplying them quality products which are the result of an efficient production process characterized by internal audits and lean production practices such as Just-in-Time inventory and Electronic Kanban.


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