Plastic injection molding


With a decade of experience in injection molding, Bulltek offers mass production of plastic components and finished products manufactured using thermosetting and thermoplastic injection molding machinery.

We use world-class plastics raw materials which contribute to guarantee the excellence of the products we manufacture. Our offerings are the result of a comprehensive end-to-end quality assurance system characterized by stringent internal quality gates which are performed at the incoming of materials throughout the production process and point of sale of the finished product.

Over the last decade Bulltek has initiated an investment plan to improve the technology applied into the plastic injection molding process. We have invested in thermoplastics and thermoset machinery of different capacity and precision standards to satisfy the needs of our customers.

To become the one stop solution of our customer’s project, Bulltek plastic injection molding service is supported by the experts of our tool shop department that provide preventive maintenance services to the molds reducing machinery breakdown.

The injection molding department expands on an area of 3600 m².

Industry served

Bulltek produces plastic components and finished products for companies in the automotive, home appliance, power and automation industries.

Thermoplastic machinery

Our Injection molding machines park includes 25 units thermoplastic machines with a tonnage of 35 up to 500 ton. The materials supported by the Thermoplastic machinery park includes: PA, PA6, PA66, PP, PE, POM, PC, PSU, PPS, PS and ABS.

Thermoset machinery

Our Injection molding machines park includes 7 units thermoset machines with a tonnage of 270 up to 560 tons. The materials supported by the Thermoset machinery park includes: BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), PF (Phenolic Molding Compound), MF (Melamine Molding Compound).

Bulltek's quality management system

The purpose of our quality management system is to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership between Bulltek and its customers. Ultimately, company’s aim is to help its customers grow their business by supplying them quality products which are the result of an efficient production process characterized by internal audits and lean production practices such as Just-in-Time inventory and Electronic Kanban.


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