Bulltek specializes in metalworking since its inception in 2009 by manufacturing metal components and finished metal products of various precision and metal characteristics. To become the one stop solution of our customer’s project, our metalworking services include punching, bending, cutting, welding, press welding, robotic welding, turning, CNC milling and riveting. Having expert technicians and welders is a vital part of any metalworking process. Bulltek’s employees working in the metalworking department are certified to operate the specific machinery involved in the production process of our client’s product. The certifications along with Bulltek internal training and years of experience enable our team to manufacture high quality products. The quality of our products is also guaranteed by our engineering and quality departments that oversee the entire production process to ensure that the products manufactured comply with world-class technology and quality standards.


Our machinery park includes 4 semi-automatic riveting machines and 1 automatic orbital riveting machine with two operating tables.

Industry served

Bulltek manufactures metal components for companies in the automotive, home appliance, power and automation industries.

Punching Presses

Our machinery park includes 17 units automatic and 4 units manual punching presses with a tonnage of 50 up to 800 ton operating both metal sheet and coils.


Our machinery park includes 2 units manual bending machines with hydraulic system. The maximum material capacity is 2830 mmx1000 mm and a bending angle range of 70° up to 180°.


Our machinery park includes 3 units Electric resistance welding (ERW), 2 units manual welding, 2 units semi-automatic robotic welding machines and 2 units robotic welding machines.

CNC milling

Our machinery park includes 5 units CNC milling machines two of which are designed with 3 axis and 2 tables, the remaining three CNC milling machines are designed with 4 axis and 2 tables.

Bulltek's quality management system

The purpose of our quality management system is to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership between Bulltek and its customers. Ultimately, company’s aim is to help its customers grow their business by supplying them quality products which are the result of an efficient production process characterized by internal audits and lean production practices such as Just-in-Time inventory and Electronic Kanban.


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