As a provider of integrated manufacturing solutions Bulltek specializes in the assembly of plastic and metal components that have been manufactured on site to create finished product. Our talented team is experienced in installing hardware for panels, fasteners, cabinets, chassis, clamps and so on. Our quality department oversees the entire production process to ensure the quality of the assembled products and their functionality.

Bulltek’s assembly department expands on an area of 1600 m²

Industry served

Bulltek offers assembly services for companies operating in the automotive, power and automation industry.

Bulltek's quality management system

The purpose of our quality management system is to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership between Bulltek and its customers. Ultimately, company’s aim is to help its customers grow their business by supplying them quality products which are the result of an efficient production process characterized by internal audits and lean production practices such as Just-in-Time inventory and Electronic Kanban.


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