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Bulltek is an original equipment manufacturer specialized in metalworking, plastic processing, and industrial assembly. The company offerings are the result of business processes designed to ensure high-quality standards while addressing customer’s need.

Our management team investigate the industry external environment to anticipate its evolving trends and provide solutions that meet customer’s changing needs. We are constantly improving our internal processes by investing in our people, latest generation machinery and technologies to create value for our customer. Our major strength lies in our 240 employees who are committed to manufacturing products that satisfy customer’s expectations for quality and on-time delivery. Bulltek’s management system is internationally certified and it is in line with the standards defined by ISO/TS 16949:2009, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 9001: 2015.

Our successful business structure and our expertise enable us to seas a provider of integrated design and manufacturing solutionsrve the world’s leading companies in automotive, power and automation industries.


Bulltek’s mission

We provide integrated manufacturing solutions for the leading global companies using world-class metalworking, plastic and assembly processes & technologies  

Bulltek’s vision

To be among the top strategic partners of the world's leading companies in the power, automotive and consumer goods industry as a provider of integrated design and manufacturing solutions   Bulltek’s serves world’s leading multinationals in the automotive, home appliances and power and automation industries.

Power and Automation. Automotive. Home appliance.



Machinery: 12 units Demag thermoplastic injection molding machines of 35 ton up to 500 ton 13 units Sandretto thermoplastic injection molding machines of 85 ton up to 500 ton 4 units MIR thermoset injection molding machines of 270 ton up to 560 tons 3 units IMG thermoset injection molding machines of 270 ton up to 560 tons


Machinery: 24 units among Pressix, Shuler and Raskin mechanical presses with tonnage of 50 ton up to 800 tons 1 units Coordinate Punching Machine 2 LVD Bending Machines 2 units automatic welding robots & Manual Welding 10 units among Fanuc, Awea, Doosan,Chiron and Peventa CNC milling machines of 3 and 4 axis 3 units Charmilles Technologies Roboform Sinker Electrical discharge machines (EDM) 2 units Charmilles Technologies Roboform Wire Electrical discharge machines (WEDM) 4 units among Delta, Jones Shipmen Celada grinding machines 4 units Among Walco and Morueco Semi-automatic riveting machines 1 unit Automatic orbital riveting machine


Bulltek’s annual turnover is at 27 million Euro 13% Average annual increase of the Sales growth rate Bulltek sells its services worldwide. The company is doing business is Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Latest News

Good News When You're to The Truth

16 March 2020

The measures below are intended to protect the health of workers as regards the risk of contamination with COVID-19. In particular, the management of the company, in agreement with the Occupational Health Service and the Ministry of Health, has decided to carry out a series of actions that will be maintained until the end of […]

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23 January 2019

Recently, Bulltek successfully certified its Energy Management System (EnMS) according to EN ISO 50001. The Energy Management System in place meets the latest applicable standards for the protection of the environment and energy efficiency. In addition, Bulltek identified the synergy potential between the three different certifications regarding Energy, Health&Safety and Environment EN ISO 50001, BS […]

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